Increase traffic & increase sales, online marketing specialists. We know how to generate more traffic to your site and more importantly more sales. Our custom website marketing reports identify weaknesses in your existing site which may be affecting your website traffic and customer conversion rate.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Search engine optimisation (SEO)  is ensuring that your website and content are structured so that you achieve optimal search engine rankings for your website.

Search engines use varied and complex methods to ascertain how to index your website. Unfortunately many web designers do not  have an understanding of SEO or ignore it in favour of providing the customer with a flashy (and expensive) site that will never rank well.

There are a lot of businesses on the internet selling search engine optimisation services, promising all sorts of things from page one listings  to thousands of hits daily.  Many claims are dubious, however even those that can deliver frequently miss the mark and generate traffic which is incorrectly targeted.

We take a holistic approach to online marketing and do not simply provide search engine optimisation services. This is because we want our clients to achieve an increase in business not just an increase in traffic. Search engine optimisation on its own is unfortunately not the key to increasing sales.

What we do

We recommend you obtain a custom web marketing report which will identify all areas of your site we believe require attention in order to achieve results.

Included in our report is a competitor & keyword analysis which will advise you of  the best search term to focus on based on competition &  search volume. See website marketing reports for more information.
3 things more important
than a good page
Ensuring you rank well for appropriate keywords.
There is no point in ranking number one for search term that is not relevant to your site. You may generate traffic to your site but they will leave the minute they realise that they will not find what they are seeking.

Search volume. 
Again, there is no point in ranking well for a search term that is rarely used. Eg; your business may rank number one for ‘red plastic piggy banks’  but if no one ever uses this search string your page rank means nothing.

Converting the traffic you generate to sales.
Getting the traffic there is important but then you have to convert it into business. If your web content has not been developed to appeal to your target market then you are wasting your time driving the traffic to your site. The key to online success is ensuring your website appeals to both search engines and people!

Ensure your website will bring you traffic and sales. See us before you develop a website! Online marketing specialists. don’t have a website yet?
Find out why you should see us before you choose a web development company
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