Increase traffic & increase sales, online marketing specialists. We know how to generate more traffic to your site and more importantly more sales. Our custom website marketing reports identify weaknesses in your existing site which may be affecting your website traffic and customer conversion rate.

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Online advertising
There are thousands of online advertising opportunities available to businesses wanting to promote themselves online. With so many options available it is sometimes difficult to ascertain what the most effective strategy will be for your business.

We have extensive knowledge of online marketing opportunities including: We will review your business objectives and provide you with guidance on what we believe is the best online advertising strategy to help you achieve your goals.
Don’t have time to manage your online advertising campaigns?

The keys to successful online marketing campaigns are:  
  • Reaching the correct target market.
  • Receiving value for money
  • Monitoring effectiveness
  • Modifying campaigns to improve results as required
If you are already short of hours in the day we can implement and manage your online marketing activities for you.
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Free online advertising opportunities
There are many ways to promote yourself online without charge. Knowing which opportunities are legitimate and / or worth your time is the hard part. We can assist you to idenitfy ways to promote yourself online which are cost free and which we believe would be beneficial to your business.

Banner advertising :
Banner advertising is the most common form of advertising on the internet. An advertisement is constructed, usually in a graphical format  and placed in a prominent position on high traffic web sites. The ad’s are frequently rectangular in shape (resembling a banner) and positioned near the head of a web page. The purpose of the advertisement is  to entice the viewer to ‘click thru’ to the your website. Depending on the terms of the site you are advertising on , you may pay on a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) , CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per action) basis.

Deciphering what will be the best for your business is difficult with so many options available. We can provide you with recommendations for both sites that represent value for money and meet your demographic as well as direction for your advertising content.

Affiliate marketing :
Affiliate marketing incorporates the principles above by way of encouraging websites to market each other in return for commissions or rewards for traffic or business that they generate.  Affiliate programmes are particularly effective for those selling products or services online. Essentially you offer an incentive (usually by way of a commission payment) for each customer that is brought to you by another website. In return that website is encouraged to advertise your website on their website by way of banner advertisements , text links etc. 

We can advise you whether affiliate marketing will work for your business and assist you to develop an effective affiliate marketing strategy.

Email marketing :
Email marketing is essentially the electronic form of direct marketing.  Promotional flyers and letters are distributed via email instead of traditional post. Responsible email marketing is based on the idea of permission. This is somewhat of a complex issue, however essentially you need an email address owner's permission before you can send them a commercial email. If you don't have this permission, then the recipients of your mail may well regard your message as SPAM (unsolicited commercial electronic messages) which is illegal.

Despite this there are many ways of reaching potential customers via email. We can assist you to identify potential email marketing outlets and help you to develop effective email marketing campaigns
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